Not So Busy

It was quite windy in the night so the section of the awning tent which is disintegrating was flapping noisily in the darkness quite annoyingly. It has now been rolled up and secured and I will remove the detached lower section from the decking as it serves no useful purpose.

I started to get up and then heard a familiar bark from the field gate. So much for tying her up as she got here anyway. I sent a text saying she was here and received a reply so I imagine she will eventually be collected.

A couple of vans were parked in the Grammeno Beach car park one with the door open. The dogs were quite interested as the door was open and there was also a dog encroaching upon their territory. I whistled and electronically prodded so they came to me with the minimum of fuss. It was 05:45 so the occupants must have been woken but that’s the price to be paid for free-camping. We passed another three times and on the fourth we met a dog exercising its human. The human was Greek but receptive to doggy attention although we left soon after in order to avoid potential disruption.

I did cat feeding, brain training and then left on my bike with a strong following wind. It was quite hard work coming back but the wind was on my back as I came down the mountain. Paleochora was as on a normal Friday and I passed Petrakis without a visit.

Despite the previous day’s washing orgy, I had another from Marie-Christine who’d encountered an unfortunate doggy event. Timo is going through separation anxiety as they have not been together long. He becomes stressed when she leaves him also when there are cats nearby and he’s tied up. I put a collar on him whilst Marie-Christine filled up with water and waited for the washing. She has now ordered a SportDog collar which will be delivered to the camping to continue his training. I think she has the perseverance to get through it and is aware of the rewards of having an obedient and balanced dog.

For the remainder of the day there were few events and it was thankfully calmer than yesterday. Maria had called to bombard me with information and prices without sending me a confirmation email. She told me to expect two families with extraneous children but Bona would come to sort out additional mattresses and clean. I hadn’t heard from Bona but there were other things going on: Anke leaving, and other small chores. The families arrived. I could not get hold of Maria or Bona so looked for alternatives. Z1-2 and dirty and in a work area and Z3-4 are out of commission due to repairs as far as I know. Tomorrow, I will ask Michaelis and get Bona to sort them out for use as it’s hopeless with just two small cabins. Bona eventually called so she and her smaller sons came to bring mattresses and perform a quick clean.

The German couple with the small van and tent have returned and want to put on some washing at 19:15 which fills me with joy as it will be 20:30 by the time it’s ready to come out. I may persuade them to have it on a timer for early in the morning.

The DD’s are ready to go and the D’s are ready to eat it. Seems I have an extra for dinner this evening…

Windy for most of the day but not too cold with plenty of sunshine.


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