More arrivals and departures

There was no wind! Somehow, it took a long time to get the dogs ready even though they were all inside as a captive audience. It seemed to take forever to get them into their collars.

Nevertheless, the walk was bracing so I wouldn’t have wanted to be wearing any less clothing. The river is slowing down, getting shallower and will soon be crossable. I might just have been able to jump it and come away with dry feet but I don’t want to upset my knee which is doing quite well at self-repairing. Several of the dogs crossed over and I had to call back Isabella and Skinny who’d disappeared into the distance.

The sea was much calmer so it was easy to walk along the shoreline without risking wet feet or other unpleasant surprises. I walked there and back along the beach as did the majority of the dogs. There were no vans or dogs either today; just us.

It was light by the time we returned to the van and all of the dogs managed to be present enabling me to close the gate and get on. I shoved them into the van, fed the cats and made tea. A number of physical and mental activities followed including a ride via Panorama to the top of the mountain and round past Petrakis which survives without a visit from me.

I received a notification from Georgia that the electricity would be off from 06:00-10:30 which had confused washing machine activities for Sandra and Sonja. They were given the possibility of a timed, nighttime slot which would complete the wash before the electricity went off on Sunday morning: they accepted.

I asked Michaelis when Z3-4 would be available but it looks as though the new statics are the priority so customers are to be offered M1-3 for the same price. Furthermore, Tuesday will see the arrival of the excavator for the installation of the new tank which I understand might last several days as it’s necessary to coordinate various different trades. We’ve declared Z1-2 out of service as they need airing and cleaning and to wait for the nearby works to complete.

Michael with the Royal Enfield has returned for a few days so has put his tent back near the beach. A German couple arrived later and immediately put lots of washing in the machine. They are looking forward to being able to have clean clothes to wear. Such decadence!

The Swiss couple with the two children tell me their friends will arrive so the two families will stay together for a few days. I can see that the first family were there to test the place out as I suspected they would stay only a short while. Two families together usually means a longer stay if the weather is fine.

The two Canadians stayed an additional night and left this morning.

In all, it’s been another busy day although the weather has been cloudy and cool at times. Sunday is projected to be warmer however it will be cloudy for a few days but hopefully without rain.

Mostly cloudy with an occasionally chilly wind. Tomorrow should hopefully be warmer.


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