Manic Monday

There was wind in the night which increased during the morning. The Early Walk was blustery and I was underdressed. My morning routine was put out of balance as Bona arrived to work and needed keys. In the end, partly due to the wind and partly due to time, I swapped my bike ride for another ball-walk with Isabella who was suitably appreciative.

I had two longterm departures and Dimitris who arrived Sunday evening to catch the ferry to Gavdos on Monday morning. He left early, didn’t catch the non-existant bus and hitched into Paleochora. He was told the ferry would not run due to the wind so called to ask if he could have the room another night only to call later to say he met a friend who offered him accommodation in Paleochora. Much more sensible than something 5km away when you don’t have transport.

Sandra and Sonja were leaving so I needed to collect their money as were the Winklers. They had been here much of the winter so things were prolonged. Later, a Swiss couple arrived and I was expecting a couple with a child and their parents. At the same time, Kalliope and Ingo arrived but I left them to sort themselves out. The family arrived but had been put on opposite sides of the camping. The accommodation for the parents was unsuitable as they were not expecting to go outside to the loo so I put them in T2 and moved the family to M4 to be nearby. M2 and M4 are the same other than the bathroom which they will not use. Maria changed the prices but I will stick with the ones I quoted as Maria will never know and I really can’t be bothered to go through it with her.

Later, a couple of ladies arrived as one was looking for accommodation until mid-July. I passed them over to Mairia who sent them back to me to show them a small cabin which I did. I hadn’t realised they were physically in the camping when I answered the call. In the meantime, Maria got a price from Georgia but the accommodation wasn’t what the lady was looking for so I directed her to one of the mountain villages as everything near the sea is expensive.

The bottom line is that I was on the go all day long and have hardly stopped. Georgia tells me a guy will be starting in the office somewhen between 10-15 May however Maria is unlikely to be here until end of June so things could be interesting without Maria here to show the new guy the ropes. It seems to me that Maria does the important work and ‘delegates’ the minor tasks to her assistant. This is fine when Maria is here but problematic when she is not as Maria has a very particular way of working. I can foresee potential conflicts which most likely will rebound on Maria. I shall do my utmost to keep well out of the way.


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