More Arrivals

Lots of fidgeting from the dogs, all of whom were inside last night, even Obi! I lingered but finally got up with the alarm. It was a lovely morning; dark at first but became light quite quickly. Venus was brightly shining above the eastern horizon as well as a plethora of stars and other heavenly bodies. Dawn was creeping over the horizon as we walked to the river so I could see the dogs quite well by 06:15 by which time we were back at The Promontory.

Someone has stood stones on the rocky base of the lagoon of which some are fairly substantial. They seem to be arranged in some sort of pattern but probably only known to the perpetrator.

Standing stones and other artifacts

I put the dogs in, fed the cats and then took Isabella out with her ball. We didn’t go very far. I threw it a few times but we lost the second one and she seemed more interested in guarding the other and sitting watching me whilst I searched vainly for the missing ball. It’s still somewhere on the beach but will doubtless be picked up another time. We returned to the camping so I could nurture my brain and then cycle to Petrakis for some groceries.

Yiannis seems to have enjoyed his two marathons in Zurich and Hannover as it was he who served me on the fruit and vegetable counter. The store wasn’t too busy so I was on my way quite soon.

There has been plenty of activity today due to the excavation of a large hole for the new waste water tank. An excavator and large toothpick together with a loader and a truck to cart away. It was somewhat noisy when the toothpick was in operation but the hole was dug and lined with large concrete rings ready for the tank to be inserted, connected and backfilled. The customers have been quite tolerant however I go to pains to make sure they understand what they’re getting into. It will be better when the work is complete as that will free up another potential space.

There were two arrivals today and no departures. Michael with the Royal Enfield will leave tomorrow. I think the other couple with the small van will also leave soon.

The families with small children have been swapping around their kids so I see the same kids no matter which family I visit. The grandparents will leave tomorrow as there’s a hospital appointment tomorrow. It’s not impossible that their children might move into T2 to take their place depending on their budget.

Ingo and Kalliope seem to have enjoyed their day and Kalliope came with Ingo to feed the cats this evening. The small children and cats appear to interact well. At present, there are seven vans, two tents and two cabins occupied.

I’m going out with Ingo and Kalliope to sample the delights of downtown Paleochora and hopefully some food as well. There is a limited choice of eateries but I’m sure we’ll find something.

A cool start with chilly hands so I’m glad to have worn shorts with pockets. The day was warm and sunny with only a light wind.

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