Busy Morning

It was 04:00 when I woke up. The dogs were scratching around at 04:50 so at 04:55 I gave up, dressed and took out the dogs. Another clear sky although Venus was looking a little watery. The first inkling of dawn was 05:50 as we were walking back from the river.

It was light as we recrossed the rocks and still quite early so we spent time in the sandy area before starting back to the camping. I put the dogs into the van then went to meet Kalliope who was ahead of her father and ready for cat-feeding duty. I suggested they might like to come out with Isabella and her ball so they met us in the Grammeno Beach car park before exploring the Promontory. Isabella had someone to show off to so swam out a considerable distance to retrieve her ball from the sea which was flat calm. Kalliope was delighted and soon forgot any reluctance towards Isabella who can be a little bouncy.

I went on a wander of the camping after feeding the dogs collecting money and generally dealing with customers. Time was moving on when I eventually got back to the van so it was well past breakfast. I had some while to appreciate the warm sunshine and may have drifted off.

Ingo and Kalliope returned at 16:00 for cat-feeding duties. This time with the Swiss lad in the tent next door. He wanted to spend time with the dogs so both children came in to be mobbed by them. He and the dogs got on well with Kalliope cheering from the sides. I dug out the wire crate used to move and house puppies when I first came here. It has been used as a cat feeding location for some while. After I’d cleaned it up, I went with Ingo to see if it would fit in the car so that Charlie could be transported to Rethymno tomorrow. They will meet with David at the Lidl car park as David has agreed to take Charlie early. This makes my life much easier as the camping is busy and I can’t find anyone to take me on Sunday.

The children and their parents had fun with the dogs but time was again moving on so they left so that I could finish preparing the food and feed the dogs. We then went out to Paleochora and ended up at the same restaurant where I enjoyed some more of their stuffed tomatoes which I like very much. We also stopped at Synka to exchange some of Silvia’s tokens for dog food.

There was a little noise from the dogs when I came back but there was no one nearby to enjoy it.

Apart from the numerous departures, there has been only one arrival, the Dutch couple who phoned my UK number last night. I’ll need to update some of the numbers in the advertising sites.

Warm, sunny and windless


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