A little lie-in meant we were out after 05:30 to a cloudy, slightly unappealing and windy morning. The moon was struggling between the clouds and only Venus was visible for much of the time. Otherwise, our walk was unremarkable.

Having put dogs inside and fed cats, I exercised my brain and then took Isabella and her ball as far as the Big Beach for some ball-throwing which included swimming out into the sea. To my surprise, I noticed she was happy to swim out through the waves to retrieve the ball. On previous occasions, she’s simply abandoned the ball. My next stop was Petrakis on my bike. The shop was quiet considering it’s a Saturday.

I knew there were arrivals and suspected some departures so wandered the camping and collected money. Bona was having a busy time preparing Z4,5,6 for arrivals later. A group of women with sundry children and pets.

I managed to have some breakfast and emerged later to discover Bona hard at work cleaning the toilet and shower cubicles next to the workshop. The Swiss couple came back only to visit as they needed to get their gas refilled in Chania. It seems a long way to go to fill a gas bottle.

The Z4,5,6 arrivals eventually arrived but needed Z3,5,6 which was easy as Z3 was prepared. Just a matter of changing the booking calendar. They and their various children and pets are settled in and accounted for. One of the women with her son is from Lithuania as she presented a Lithuanian ID card. She’s married to a Greek but still nervous about the current situation.

I did a couple of washing machine loads for a German couple and the Dutch couple so there was plenty of walking around the camping to do. The Dutch have gone into downtown Paleochoara on bicycles: now fancy that for Dutch people!

Amidst all of this, I managed to make some DDs and process them so now we’re waiting for the Pot to finish cooking the Doggy Rice.

The weather has been a little mixed with an overcast sky yielding little sunshine and becoming progressively windier.


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