On His Way

Charlie will have arrived in Piraeus early today to continue his journey to Patras and then on to Italy. He’s getting nearer to Leicester by the minute.

The morning was still and the angry sea from the day before was a thing of the past. We crossed the rocks and the causeway without difficulty under gentle moonlight. Today, we walked up the beach where the sea has thrown up large pebbles where previously there was sand or small pebbles. As I approached the river it looked as though the sea had virtually closed off access by the river. The mouth of the river has now been forced into a narrow channel where someone has kindly put a large rock which acts as a stepping off/landing point for those wishing to cross. Now, after all these weeks, we can cross the river and walk to Plakaki with dry feet. Skinny, Isabella and sometimes Obi, have been running up that way alone. Today, we were all able to go although some of the dogs were quite wet as a result of fording the river in the deeper locations.

We returned to hungry cats making a din in the hope of some food. I put the dogs inside, made tea and exercised my brin for a little while before embarking on a bike ride over Panorama and through Paleochora with no scheduled stops. When I came back, I contacted Marie-Christine so that she could bring Timo to meet Isabella and perhaps wear her out a little. Isabella was pleased to have another boy to show off to so they chased each other around and intermittently chased the ball. Isabella showed off her swimming skills by retrieving the ball from the sea. I think Timo was pleased to have another dog to run and chase with too. Apparently, Timo is learning not to chase the cats and is able to be with Marie-Christine in the camping off-leash. The wonders of remote trainers.

I wandered the camping collecting money as there were several departures then went back for some breakfast and a sit. I still had Simon’s computer to finish so I got on with that. Another wander of the camping to chase up the people in Z3-6 so that Bona could clean. She spent most of the time in the outside showers as they’d not had much attention since last year. Only a few were used over the winter by more hardy customers.

Bona told me her husband plans to send one of their husky puppies on a trip to Davy Jones unless she finds someone to take it. I said I’d take it to Paleochora and put it down by the port. A better alternative I feel. I guessed when they announced they’d taken two puppies that it might not be long before one had to go. Obviously the least favourite…

The day was reasonably sunny with a very chilly breeze from the south. There were a few cloudy intervals but otherwise bright. I had a call from Georgia to say there would be food at 16:00 and, just before then, a motorhome arrived. A German/French couple with three, young girls. This time, the mother is German and the father French. The girls speak, French, German and English. I put them near the beach to replace those who left earlier and they will stay two nights. Tomorrow, they will ’do’ the Anydroi Gorge as their mother now knows the route and timings.

I eventually got to eat something very tasty together with some wonderfully fresh salad. I’m not really a fan of eating earlier in the day as I feel weighed down however it’s good not to have to prepare food for myself for a change. Tomorrow is gemista so I’m told.

Skinny has just finished cleaning Obi’s bowl and that containing the DDs so tomorrow I’ll need to make up some more. Another day draws to a close. Time for relaxation before the Box.

A reasonably clear start and a sunny day with a chilly sea breeze. There is an 80% chance of 1.4mm rain tomorrow morning but the Easter weather is looking good at present.


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