Rain pattered on the roof as I awoke on my birthday so I set a thirty-minute timer and went back to sleep. The rain had stopped and the dogs wanted to go out so up we got. There were still some interesting clouds but the big black ones had already passed so were annoying the people who are daft enough to live in the mountains.

It soon got light so the flashing dog lights were superfluous after a while. The river was more easily crossable then the day before however some dogs simply charge through oblivious to everything. Poor Luis waded through and back again on the return. The larger dogs chased the birds as it was completely light as we were out much later.

I took them back, exercised my brain then toured the camping to sort out electrical problems caused by the earlier power cut and rain. Two customers were leaving so I took their money and left them to depart.

I met Timo and Marie-Christine by the lagoon so that Isabella and Timo could have some fun together. She was guarding her ball but I managed to throw it quite far into the sea from the Big Beach.

I finally got back to feed the dogs and myself before meeting the ACS courier with the remote collar Marie-Christine had purchased from a French website. I helped her set it up so now Timo has his own collar.

I spent time on camping admin transferring names to the monthly summary as I have a feeling there are going to be quite a few this month. A customer wanted the washing machine which was the only one of the day.

Maria called to say a van would arrive later. I had finished eating gemista with the others when I saw people waiting outside the reception. A single English woman and a German couple, both with tents who are now next to the beach at the front of the camping. Not long after, Maria called to say another couple would arrive for a room. In fact, the couple arrived with the family in a camper making two more arrivals. I had four arrivals in about an hour.

The doggy dinners had not been processed so that needed doing before I fed them. It was somewhat later before they finally got their food but I‘m sure it was worth it.

Generally quite a busy day to get one year older. Later, Janne and Erica called to sing Happy Birthday and I also received a call from Rodney during the afternoon. The nice man from UPS delivered my bike tyres which is good news. Onward and upward to the next birthday…

A soggy start to the day with 2.3mm of wetness. Warm and sunny in the middle but there was also a wind. It will take a while to warm up after the rain.

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