One Day Older

Stone sculptures in the lagoon before it rained.

With no rain or wind, the day got off to a great start. I put collars on dogs and let them outside and thence to the field gate where, sitting quietly, there was a large, fluffy German Shepherd. Strangely, she’d not made a sound and the other dogs made no sign that she was there either. So we set off across the moonlit field towards the track and the Promontory.

There was a certain amount of catching up as Isabella and The Rug have been apart for several days however they calmed down after a short while. The first circuit of the Promontory was quickly behind us as we were soon walking up the beach to Plakaki. The sea was quiet so we could walk mostly in the shingle without wet feet. Crossing the river was also easy although Luis was quite wet by the end of it.

We completed the second Promontory circuit and returned to the van for tea, cats and so-on. Later, I rode into Paleochora over Panorama but didn’t go up the mountain as I was low on battery, wanted to collect money and take Isabella and Ruggy out once more. I stopped at Petrakis for oranges, bananas and rice and lentils. I’ve not been cooking myself an evening meal for the past few days so have food which requires consuming.

I collected monies from those who were leaving then took the girlies out for another romp around the Promontory. Timo and Marie-Christine were waiting for us and both Ruggy and Isabella raced off to meet Timo. He and Isabella played vigorously as we walked to the rocks. There we found the German/French couple who live in Switzerland with their three small girls. The youngest wasn’t up for meeting large dogs so got into a bit of a stew. Ruggy is large and hairy and Isabella is bouncy so it was all too much I suspect. We talked fossils and volcanic activity and parted separately but in the same direction as they went over the rocks. We joined up again with the family nearer the end of the walk. They took water for their van then left the camping shortly after. They were kind enough to send a message thanking me for their stay at the camping.

I left Marie-Christine and Timo to take the two back to the van for food for all of us. Time was getting on when the postman arrived with a parcel for Marie-Christine which contained some maps she’d ordered from Athens. She showed them to me later, they were well presented and detailed. She later went into Paleochora to enquire about the ferry as she plans to visit Gavdos. Apparently, it’s 100€ for the vehicle and over €50 per passenger which seemed expensive for a relatively short crossing of under 50km. She says she’ll know more tomorrow.

There was one arrival, a German couple in a large van who have visited the camping before and plan to stay for five weeks in June. They are staying until Monday so they stay. They are next to the beach in my original parking location.

Work in the camping continues however the two new statics, T4/T5 are nearly ready for customers which is good. T5 is booked out on 22nd for three nights to a single(!) person at 80€/night. We just need to sort out the keys as I don’t appear to have any for the new ones.

They look quite presentable, the wood cladding has been nicely done and has been treated. The verandah roofs are T&G but have felt and battens over. I noted that the roofs by the reception have also been felted with battens which will make them more effective when it rains and the T&G last a lot longer. I’m not sure I understand the point of wasting good, expensive materials for want of some protection.

Otherwise, it’s not been a particularly active day although I’ve wandered the site a few times. I put on the doggy rice and some food for me as it appears Georgia is not around this evening so it’s likely the others got a take-out from Paleochora or similar. I need to eat up the fridge anyway.

It’s nice not to be running around the camping greeting customers and having to eat so late. Roll-on mid-May when my relief should appear. That said, the Easter weekend doesn’t look too daunting at this point in time.

The early morning was still yet chilly with any wind from the southwest. The wind was chilly all day making it appear cooler despite the sunshine. The outlook is for calm conditions with a more southerly/southeasterly wind on Friday.


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