Early Up

Up a little earlier as, on a clear day, it’s quite light in the mornings. The alarm is now set for 04:55. There were no hairy surprises waiting outside the gate as The Rug was collected by her owner the previous evening.

The four planets, in descending order: Saturn, Mars, Venus and Jupiter were almost in a straight line although Jupiter, the last to arrive just before dawn, was soon invisible due to sunlight on the horizon.

We crossed the river with ease so were able to get right down to the rocks at Plakaki. Oskar was quite a long way ahead which is unlike him. Usually, Skinny is on his own or with the other long-legged one.

Due to the earlier alarm, we were back by 06:45 giving me a good start to the day. Having fed the cats, I sat to exercise my brain before setting off for Panorama and through Paleochora. I passed the ferry which was still attached to the jetty.

Once back at the camping, I did a quick tour to collect money from the English woman who was moving on to meet a Greek friend in Chania. She plans to walk the Irene Gorge on the way.

Isabella and Timo had lots of fun out on the Promontory as the four of us walked in the sunshine. It was still not very warm and positively cold on the first walk.

I got involved in washing machines before letting out and feeding the dogs. There have been three washes today and one arrival: a Czech couple who are camping only one night. I showed an Italian guy around some of the statics. Three couples wish to come in August and prefer larger accommodation. It would be great if they booked three of the statics for three weeks. Apparently, price isn’t an important factor. It’s doesn’t want to be in August.

Otherwise, I’ve made banana bread and sorted out some of the keys in reception. I’m expecting an arrival in T1 however there’s not been any sign so far. We were expecting customers in M1-3 for several nights but that booking has disappeared from the calendar. Work around the camping has been steady and progressive.

A very chilly start to the day with my hands firmly stuffed in my pockets. The sunshine was stronger later but the wind kept the temperature down. The forecast is for increasing temperatures tomorrow and over the weekend.
The most recent plague map of Greece. Only Gavdos and one other island appear to be green. Most of the remainder of Greece is at Level 5.


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