Charlie and Millie Reunited

The sound of the sea from the east filed gently through my brain as I became conscious. It was around 05:20 by the time we crossed the field with Skinny and Isabella leading the charge into the darkness. Fortunately, there was only light cloud to the east so dawn began to take over from the muted moonlight.

With the waves and easterly wind, I preferred to walk along the road rather than the beach until we crossed the river which is now a mere shadow of its former self. Skinny and Isabella were racing along the water’s edge chasing after birds and splashing through the water. They were having a great time whilst the others were investigating the rocks and the little bay. Plenty of little treasures to enjoy.

It was getting light as we walked back towards the Promontory and went around once more. We were back at the van by 06:45 so I fought my way into the storeroom past the mattresses to feed the cats. Some very valuable-looking mattresses had been delivered the evening before and simply deposited in the storeroom. Fortunately, they were well protected by thick polythene. I’m not sure what they are destined for.

I explored my mind then rode up the mountain and through Paleochora. I received a message from the Dutch couple that they wished to pay and leave so hastened back to the camping where I collected their money and that of the German couple who were also here back in March. The Germans left in the early afternoon. Meanwhile, another couple with a roof tent over a large car arrived and took up the place previously occupied by the Dutch.

The Italian family will leave tomorrow for a stay on Gavdos. The forecast is for the wind to subside so the ferry should have no difficulty. I saw it leave this morning as I rode over Panorama. Marie-Christine, who found her van stuck in the sand at Sougia, returned to her spot in the camping as I was welcoming the roof tent. Since then Z5 have arrived as has M4. I’ve made lots of journeys to the office ferrying keys and forgetting my phone on one occasion.

Georgia threatened food later but I’m not entirely sure when or if that will materialise. Lena is back in the land of the living following her CoVID quarantine. They are still in T4 as no attempt appears to have been made to unearth Georgia’s residence.

I was shown the card system which has been installed in T5. The idea is that all of the electricity is controlled via a card slot adjacent to the front door. Only the fridge remains connected at all times. The only tiny hitch I can foresee is that the card will simply be left in the slot when the occupants go out. In a hotel, the card is also the door key.

The Doggy Dinners were a little late as I was wandering the camping longer than usual. They are cooked and just waiting to depressurise naturally. They can be finished off later if necessary.

A photo of Charlie in the back of Reni’s car confirms that he’s made it to the transfer location and has been handed over. I suspect he’s somewhat dazed having been transported by Ingo and Kalliope to Rethymno, resident with Claire and David before spending five days on the road in ferries and their van. Now to be transferred to more strangers and to meet up with his sister whom he’s not seen since 19 July 2017. It may take him a little while to catch up and settle in to his new situation.

One or some of the mattresses seem to have been collected from the storeroom however the threatened food has not materialised today. Perhaps tomorrow? Not that it matters as I ate very late this morning so I shall be hungry by the time the food I’ve prepared has finished cooking.

A video via Ursula shows the reunion of Charlie and Millie. They are two of a kind so should get on well together if Millie can get over the idea of no longer being the only dog in the house.

A windy day with plenty of sunshine. Tomorrow should be a little warmer without the wind


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