Easter Arrivals

Skinny, who was sleeping below me on the ledge over the engine needed to go out so I called it a night and we all got up.

A motorhome and car littered the car park and we discovered the tent on the second pass. The dogs’ flashing lights probably made pretty patterns on the tent sides.

The river no longer presents an obstacle as the sea has pushed shingle into the mouth so now what little water remains, flows under.

It was a reasonably clear morning although there were clouds to the east which interfered with the line of planets. Venus was easy but the others went in and out of view.

I fed cats and exercised my brain before departing for Paleochora and a visit to Petrakis for groceries.

Marie-Christine paid and then we walked Timo and Isabella for the last time as she’s going to Gavdos from Sfakia.

Punters arrived throughout the day including a couple of extra vans. An ancient Hymermobile and a huge American RV. They both plan to stay a few days.

Georgia has been entertaining her guests. I side-stepped food due to customers. I’m not sure about confined spaces with unknown individuals as it would certainly complicate matters if I were to catch the plague seeing as the new guy starts in mid-May and Maria eventually.

Sheep were butchered and fires prepared for tomorrow’s great flesh-fest. I don’t know how many are invited as it would seem the majority of the accommodation is occupied by Georgia’s friends. I’m not sure who’s supposed to pay me or Georgia. As far as I know, some have yet to arrive. There are no scheduled arrivals tomorrow however Christian, the Swiss guy, is supposedly coming back for a few days. He called me to tell me this as I rode back from Paleochora.

The dogs have been quite well behaved probably because Oskar and Isabella had collars on all day. Luis shut-up following a telling off and is now confined inside for a little while.

A calm and warm start. I was overdressed when I took Isabella later. Tomorrow and the next few days should be a little warmer


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