Easter Sunday

I successfully sidestepped the Saturday night festivities so was in bed at a reasonable time. Skinny wanted a walk at 04:00 but I managed to get back to sleep after his excursion to rise again at 05:00. We were out on a clear morning under a star-studded sky with a few planets thrown in for good measure. There was no wind and the eastern sky was clear. It wasn’t long before we were crossing the river of which there is no sign except higher up the beach out of the reach of the sea.

There were no freeloaders in tents just a single motorhome in the car park and a car and caravan on the beach track. It was light as we reentered the Promontory and headed for the rocks. I was keen to get back as I’d said I’d meet Bona at 07:30. I fed cats and prepared a house for the newcomer.

There were two puppies in an open kennel located on a fenced concrete area about three square meters. I soon discovered I was to receive a young female as they were keeping the boy. How they could even consider drowning her in the sea I have no idea. Perhaps there’s something wrong with me.

She made a bit of a fuss and was reluctant to go with me so I picked her up and we walked up the track from their yard and crossed the road. I put her down once more so more racket followed as neighbourhood dogs joined in. I felt it better to let people enjoy this Easter Sunday lie-in so carried her until I could follow a track down to the beach. There we worked out that she would walk nicely on the lead and she soon got the hang of it. To continue the process to be sure of our new-found relationship, we went a little further so I could be sure of no further outburst when we arrived at the camping. There, we collected Isabella and her ball for a walk of the Promontory and over the rocks and back. I put Sascha into the former Boris compound and she moved into Chateau Boris in preference to the cat box I’d prepared with carefully folded smelly dog blanket. Since then she’s been out for the count so I’ve heard very little from her. I think the walk and change of location has finished her off.

I walked the camping to check on the punters one of which had no blanket so had a chilly night. I immediately fetched one from the bedding store. The German couple who like windsurfing are leaving early tomorrow morning so paid their bill. I returned to feed the dogs and then myself.

Christian, the Swiss guy returned and is now next to the restaurant kitchen together with two machine-loads of washing which is draped around his van. It was drying quickly so I was told. There were no other arrivals planned or otherwise, just two further departures that I know of. Georgia stuffed 30€ into my hand from Ξ1 and I collected 50€ from T2. The remainder leave tomorrow or the next day.

I eventually got to the table having returned the second washing load and sorted out a parking problem. There was plenty of nice salad to eat and I took several doggy bags away with me so I have lots to eat today and tomorrow at least and my fridge is full.

The hottest day of the year so far and much warmer than the forecast temperature.

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