All Quiet

I fell asleep whilst watching the TV so went to bed as it was nearly ten. Neither Skinny nor Fido wanted to go out. Probably as both had been out at bedtime. Once the dogs were ready, we set off across the field under a clear sky with all four planets conveniently arranged for my appreciation.

I was wearing only light shorts but it wasn’t cold as there was no wind. I could feel pockets of warm air as I walked along. A small tent was planted conveniently in the middle of the track so we quietly skirted around it almost undetected by the residents. Over the rocks and across the beach, over the piddle which used to be the torrent of a river and down to Plakaki. By this time it was getting light. I distributed biscuits and we walked back to Grammeno Beach to avoid the tent then over the rocks and back to the camping.

We were greeted by a large, fierce dog who was defending the compound from the safety of her kennel. The others raced in without undue noise. The yapping stopped and most of the dogs went inside. I fed the cats before digging out the 30m lead and Isabella’s ball. Sascha was rolling around soppily in her kennel but didn’t complain when I attached her lead.

Isabella raced after her ball leaving the two of us to try to catch her up. We seem to have made progress in the walking on the lead department but we’re not quite there yet. I put her on the longer line and just let it follow her but I could see there was no need as she wasn’t about to do a runner.

We went over the rocks avoiding difficult bits mindful of the delicate state of young joints for the first few months. As we reached the location of the small tent, we encountered the French couple packing things into their rental car. They’d noticed our passage around 05:30 but that was about all. How they didn’t notice the lights I don’t know. The woman, Stephanie, was not very comfortable with dogs but was able to make an exception with Sascha who rolled over on her back for petting purposes. We left them to pack away their tent without the help of two inquisitive dogs.

Sascha on a long lead – she’s a lovely girl. Bona confessed she was pleased I was looking after her and keeps enquiring after her wellbeing.

I quickly fed Sascha and left Isabella asleep on the decking. The others remained inside as I did a sweep of the camping to collect money as I knew some people were leaving. I collected a good amount then returned to feed the dogs and myself.

Much of the remainder of the day was taken up with chatting to the punters and collecting money. Only one lot remains unpaid which will catch up with me in due course. The guy who forces me to speak Greek came back with some enquiries so I did my best with his help. He says he’ll return in the summer so he’ll have Maria to look after him.

It was Georgia’s Name Day so the Easter celebrations continued albeit with mostly the same participants as the previous days. Next weekend is the May Holiday so we can do it all over again. Georgia and Lena have returned to Chania now that Lena has got over her Covid.

A call from the reception for an Air B&B booking confused me slightly until the customers worked out they were in the wrong location. We use but not Air B&B. I needed to transport keys to the office so I accomplished that so as not the waste the journey.

The sun is disappearing, the sound of children’s voices is fainter and the dogs are yet to be fed. They had loads of sheep heads to devour which is better than the uncooked, rotting offerings they find on the beaches.

The hottest day of the year so far by 0.2ºC over yesterday. The WU forecast was 21ºC for today but is 24ºC for tomorrow.

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