Slightly busy

I was awake so we were up and out early so back by 06:35. The sky was clear but the moon was nowhere to be seen as it’s getting very lazy at this time of the month. When it eventually put in an appearance, it was extremely thin and didn’t hang around for long. I suspect we’re not going to see it in the morning for some while.

All dogs went out and the two females completed an additional trip out a little later. Ms Indefatigable appears to have boundless energy.

Other than walking dogs I needed to fit in a ride to Paleochora to pick up 96 reused tennis balls. I was served by the postman who comes to Grammeno on his motorbike. He cut open the box so that I could decant the balls into my bike pannier as the box was too big. I left quickly afterwards as I needed to get back to The Factory to see off one of the many departures. The mother/daughter with daughters/granddaughters has discovered one of the children with CoVID so was cutting short their stay. They only had 50€ cash so are paying the remainder later. Already, the chap who drove into Michaelis’ pickup had left for Gavdos and then the two lads left around midday. The Greek guy with the Hymer left as did the German with a family. He didn’t manage to pay me when I was collecting from everyone else feeling it was better to disturb me again later. Some customers.

An old fire tender conversion showed up so was put in one of the motorhome bays. Later, a German with a motorhome, trailer, scooter and boat appeared. He plans to stay a couple of months and comes each year so he tells me. I put him in another bay. Friends of Christian arrived and are parked close to them. The guy with the pickup left and a German/Austrian couple with a roof tent arrived later. A Swiss woman with a bicycle and tent is camping for two nights and used the washing machine. I thinks that’s most of them…

Other than that, I’ve managed to fit in Doggy Dinners and making banana bread so it’s been a busy day all told. I’ll be glad when my food is ready as I’m looking forward to the rest of the day off.

Inter Sport has been offline for quite some while due to a local power fault. Power should have been restored by 16:00 but there was no sign of any computers online the last time I looked. I now see that everything has come back online without my intervention.

Sascha has been out of her pen most of the day. Her teeth are troubling her so she doesn’t know what to try to chew next. She drove the other dogs quite mad but I’m pleased that Isabella had a dose of her own medicine. I plan to take her for a little walk around the camping before bedtime.

The hottest day of the year so far with uninterrupted sunshine and a high of 27.1ºC

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