London Buses

The dogs were active so we went out a little earlier to a warm but cloudy morning. Only Venus and Jupiter were visible but not the moon.

Our walk was quite brisk but uneventful so we were back at the camping by 07:40 for me to wash up from the previous night and exercise my brain after feeding the cats.

I set off for Paleochora but was intercepted by Tassos who told me about his latest dental trauma and the gradual decline of a mutual friend. I completed my ride then rode quickly back to the camping as I had a feeling it might be busy.

No one was leaving but I knew Frank would be back after his holiday and there were two reservations to welcome. No sooner was I back than I had a request for washing as well as a couple who wished to view the site for a potential visit by them and their daughter with young child. With them out of the way, I eventually got to feed the dogs and myself.

The first of the booked arrivals appeared so I showed them to their accommodation. A French couple with two children staying in T3. No sooner had I dealt with them than a Swiss guy with small daughter enquired after cheap accommodation for the night. I showed them Z3 which they accepted. Frank moved this caravan into one of the bays by the main bathroom when a German couple appeared in a motorhome followed swiftly by an American on a scooter. I had four arrivals in progress. The French went off to Houmas, the Swiss made food, the Germans found a parking place next to the restaurant kitchen and the American took Z6. The next booked arrival appeared who were booked into Z5 but they decided not to use their tent and Z5 so wanted larger accommodation. I transferred them to M1 as there were three adults and two children. Still insufficient accommodation but not my problem. I wasn’t about to mess around with an extra mattress. The guy queried the price I quoted so I contacted Maria and he finally agreed when I got him on his own.

There were no more arrivals but I was chasing around with small tasks: towels for Z3, cutlery and crockery for T3 and then Laura who came to pay me the money owing on Anke’s caravan. I was able to tell her I’d found the remains of the kitten which may have been killed by one of the male cats.

There was a lot more walking about including bringing Sascha to have a sleepover with the Swiss guy and his daughter who is besotted with her. They’ve taken her on a visit to Paleochora and will feed and look after her until they leave tomorrow. The little girl would like a dog but their lifestyle is unsuitable to having a pet. At least she can have some fun during her stay.

Another Greek couple arrived and had stayed at the camping previously however they felt it was too expensive given the weather so left.

In all, the arrivals were a little like London buses.

The dogs were eventually fed and I have food in the pot. More arrivals tomorrow and at least two departures.

A warm night and start to the day which became quite windy


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