I was watching the first part of Miss Marple and fell asleep so decided it was time to go to bed. Sascha had a sleep-over with the Swiss/German daughter/father combination in Z3. They stayed only one night so have left this morning. They said Sascha behaved extremely well when they went into Paleochora and lay quietly under the restaurant table whilst they ate. I understand there were no mishaps during the night but she was taken for a little walk at some point.

The wind blew hard throughout the night so I didn’t rush out of bed in the morning as the dogs didn’t seem too anxious. Nevertheless, we completed our daily quota of exercise despite the stinging sand blown against my legs. I planned to go into Paleochora but it was far too windy to be riding a bike. That didn’t stop the Swiss woman who left for her ferry to Sougia.

I collected Sascha and took her and Isabella for a walk around the Promontory. We were not out long as there were people leaving and several arrivals too. I wanted to feed the dogs and get some breakfast before things were busy. Most of the arrivals are here and, apart from quite a bit of wandering around the camping, it’s not been too hard a day.

The wind is stronger again but should calm by morning. There may be a little rain during Sunday night and possibly Monday morning however the remainder of the week should be fine.

I’m surrounded by dogs hiding under my chair and sleeping quietly in anticipation of some food in the near future. Isabella and Sascha have been playing noisily but amicably so my hope is they will be able to regularly wear each other out once Sascha’s a little older. There is a sea of torn up paper and cardboard on the floor where Sascha has been chewing. Presumably due to her teeth bothering her.

Only one more arrival and we should be done for the day. The key is in the door and the people are regular visitors so should be able to help themselves to their accommodation.

I shall hopefully find out what was behind the murder of the priest if Miss Marple can solve the mystery. Ha, I see a car at reception but they have driven on. DIY it is!

A windy night and morning although calmer in the afternoon. The evening has brought more wind. Hopefully, it will be calm again tomorrow so I can ride into Paleochora for some shopping as I understand Petrakis is open all weekend.


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