More Wind!

Another windy and chilly (ish) morning for an early walk. A small collection of cars at the furthest end of the car park indicated the presence of FreeLoaders. Later, we found some small tents sheltering behind the Big Rock.

Skinny was present at the outset but was not to be seen as pathfinder out in front, leading the way. We found him in the van when we came back. I have no idea why he abandoned the walk to come back to the van.

I exercised my brain before taking the females out for another walk. I rode into Paleochora for some additional groceries and had a quick chat with Yiannis who was stacking shelves. He likes doing this as the customers come to talk to him.

I knew I had several departures so hurried back to the camping for a wander round. The Swiss family in the VW were packing up and left later. Their kids were asking when they’d be coming back. I suggested a cabin in October.

Their place had been coveted by the other Swiss Family who stayed in M1 in anticipation of taking over the spot. Other vans arrived through the day as well as two couples looking to come in the future. I now have four vans in the central area behind the customer kitchen. In all, there are eleven vans. Christian, also from Switzerland, is leaving tomorrow so I expect his friends will leave too or soon after.

An Austrian couple arrived in the early afternoon. They were here in November and said they’d be back. This time in a different vehicle. Naturally, I’d forgotten their name so scrabbled through all of the photos to discover when they were last in the camping. We needed to cut some annoying branches but otherwise their arrival was very straightforward.

The afternoon became progressively blowy and unpleasant due to dust and chilliness. There was a little rain first thing in the morning so I needed to race out to rescue my socks hanging on the line. There were no visible signs of precipitation when we went for our walk.

Cool and windy to start and end of the day but otherwise mostly sunny and warm.


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