My phone went at 21:30 announcing the arrival of a couple needing a bed for the night. I put them in Ξ6 and charged them 35€ for the pleasure of disturbing my evening and the use of the room. I saw them briefly this morning and then they were gone. Ideal customers!

There was less wind but it was still chilly on the Early Walk. It was also very dark as the lights by the beach were out as there was a power failure which affected the whole area.

Isabella definitely seems to have it in for Luis as she keeps giving him the Evil Eye and attacked him just for being present this morning. She had her collar on so she paid the price as I dealt her a long and strong correction. She has been in isolation for over a day and I hoped she’d got the message. Other than that outburst, the walk was uneventful.

The power came back so I went around restarting the WiFi and the UPS in the office as it doesn’t start immediately the power resumes. I eventually went into Paleochora to the pharmacy to pick up some vaccines to jab Sascha and her brother whose name I’ve forgotten. Sascha was very good when I stabbed her but I’d distracted her with a meaty treat which took her mind off things.

I wandered the camping in search of money. There were three departures of which one was Christian who’s been here quite a while. The others were the Slovenians, who say they will return in a few days, and the single German chap in the former electrical company van.

So far, there his only been one arrival but that situation may change with time. The washing machine has been quite busy with two customer washes and a load of towels for Bona. She cleaned four rooms this morning so there’s a bit of a backlog of washing. Chucking the odd load in means the machine is available for the customers more quickly.

Her other puppy has been injected and I fixed the WiFi problem at reception. Something to do with the network switch I suspect. They have Internet in the rooms at reception so they’ll be happy tonight.

A cooler start than the previous day but without so much wind. The top temperature is identical but, without the wind, it felt much warmer. From the straight lines in the graph, it can be seen that the power was off twice in the night.


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