No Barking!

Up with the lark at 04:20 as I happened to be awake and it was a fine, calm morning with a clear sky and loads of stars and planets. Venus was just getting up so not so bright. It was dark for longer for obvious reasons but light well before we were back at 06:30. We would have been back earlier had I not have done a few exercises out by the rocks whilst the dogs looked on. Isabella was playing reasonably nicely with Sascha and the others. I think she may have her hands full once Sascha is a little older.

I challenged my brain then took Sascha for a walk with her ball. Luis declined to join us. Perhaps tomorrow…

I rode into Paleochora for some additional groceries as I have to make DDs in the morning. I filled up one of the large plastic containers at the beans department and discovered I’d purchased 15€ worth. They are the magnificent big beans which make a wonderful big bean stew.

I visited the travel agent to get some information and to see if Samaria would be open tomorrow. A couple of the punters are going so it will be interesting to see how it works out. Several had already walked it during previous visits. Some have walked the Anydroi Gorge and sampled the delights of To Skolio restaurant.

There were a couple of washing machines today as well as only one arrival. Another who drove straight into the camping, had to turn around and come back out disturbing everyone’s peace. I really wonder what is going on in their heads. A German woman, staying near to the bar, commented on the stupidity of it. I finally put them in the area north of me. A grandmother and daughter with two young children. The children’s father is well out of it!

The warm and sunny day cooled late afternoon and has now become a little windy. I just got out of the shower. Georgia is in town so will probably stay in T4 until her abode has been fumigated and made habitable. She will then be responsible for her dogs at nighttime. They were quiet this morning as they’d been put inside by Tony as requested by me.

I took Sascha out into the camping as she was bored out of her mind. I found some small children to walk her around a little until all concerned were suitably tired. Sascha came back in and fell asleep in my chair as I prepared my food for later.

I should feed the dogs and then myself. More big screen watching this evening!

Warm, sunny and windless until later in the afternoon when it became cloudy.


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