I think I woke up around four and finally got up at 04:30 or so. It was cooler but not windy so I put on a fleece just in case. Good job that I did as it’s quite chilly in the mornings when the wind is from the north.

Luis didn’t join us and made a bit of a fuss until I gave him the radio to listen to and departed for the second time. Skinny has new batteries so is no longer invisible. The planets were mostly visible, some more than others. Otherwise the walk was uneventful.

I’d fed the cats earlier so tidied up and made tea before some meditation and brain activities. I left Isabella out with Sascha so took them both for a walk before riding into Paleochora just for the sake of it.

There were three arrivals today: an Austrian couple who are camping, a German/Greek couple in Z3 and a group of 17 from Belgium in M1-3, M6 and Z1. The group arrived last but were quite quick to organise as they had an efficient leader. They spoke French although the leader’s English was good. I sent them to Houmas for a meal.

Noises from Georgia suggest she’s unhappy with Maria and putting her in a position where she must choose her destiny. I said I’d help with the the new guy if required and take up any slack until Maria arrives. I mentioned that I felt Maria carries a serious amount of goodwill with her and that only once she’d gone would the extent of her input be realised. This is all above my pay grade…

I was promised gemista later and so we sat down to a great mound of food. I had some to take home in a doggy bag. A shame really as I produced a vat of beans and vegetables yesterday. It can go in the freezer tomorrow.

The DDs were yet to be processed which I did whilst the rice cooked in the spare pot. Once I fed the dogs I went into the camping to wear out Sascha and handed her to Benjamin, one of the small children who likes animals. He and his sister raced around with her for quite some time until they all eventually wore each other out. At this point I took Sascha back to the others before going back to deliver the final wash of the day. Frank did the first, there followed three more of which the Aussies were the last just after nine.

I’m falling asleep so am going to call it a day and retire to my boudoir.

A warm and sunny day once the initial cool start was behind us.


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