VE Day

All was quiet until the alarm woke me. Sascha had spent her first night inside the van with the others, except for Isabella who is still chez Chateau Boris. The normal routine and we were soon on our way.

It was a little later as I’ve been awake and up before the alarm for several mornings however yesterday was a long day with a washing machine to deliver to the Antipodeans after nine.

The walk was unremarkable with only a few clouds hiding some of the planets. Some cars cluttered the beach car park and a lone motorhome was parked by the beach. Bodies were scattered near to the cars with a few small tents further on by the Big Beach. I remotely guided the dogs away from close inspection of either so that we could continue unseen and unheard.

We were back around 06:30 so I made tea, fed cats and took some time for myself before taking Luis, Sascha and Isabella out for a ball and thrower walk. Isabella has been missing out a little recently so had some energy to burn off. Sascha spurred her one which helped to exhaust both females. Luis plodded on at his own pace and made it around the Promontory eventually. He’s not been out before today as he’s been too poorly. He’s hopefully on the mend however I intend keeping Isabella out of circulation until he’s recovered. Luis has had more than his fair share of misfortune.

The walks left little time to ride my bike so I opted for some other exercises where Sascha assisted by trying to lick me all over. I reverted to standing exercises until she eventually fell asleep.

I fed the dogs before wandering the camping to collect money. The Aussies have eventually left, clean clothes and all. I set them off via the tiniest roads in the direction of Omalos and then Chania. There have been no other departures however I know of at least two tomorrow as they paid today: the Dutch/Swiss couple and the Austrians. Both couples came for shorter stays than intended.

I spent a reasonably relaxing morning not really engaging with the day. Bona came to warn me of washing in the machine for a German woman which I later delivered. There was one arrival, a German couple which I put opposite the German women with the children.

I found time to cut my hair, sweep and wash the van floor and get a hot shower. The dogs spent much of the time asleep apart from Sascha whose teeth were bothering her so she didn’t know which way to turn. An action-packed afternoon.

Supper for me should be easy this evening as I have left-overs from yesterday and something from the pot-full I prepared the other day.

Sascha is shredding a mass of packing paper with Isabella looking on. The Doggy Rice is ready!

Another warm and sunny day with only a breeze most of the day


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