The group departs

The alarm was earlier this morning so we were out in good time. The easterly sky was disappointing as it was a little cloudy which hid the planets. Luis was with us for the first time in over a week. He managed to keep up and there were no incidents.

Once back, I fed cats and took time for brain training. I’ve been experimenting with unguided meditation so have to keep myself on track. I need more practice.

Isabella and Sascha went on a walk before I rode to Paleochora, fed them all and wandered the camping. The departures who paid yesterday departed and the others paid when they were ready to go. The group were not that active as yesterday was a long, busy day. They are heading for Omalos which seems the go-to destination at present.

There have been two new arrivals. A young family and an older couple with a camper who have taken the place vacated by the Aussies. They have a similar rising roof and seemed happy to play so I left them to it. They appeared a little disappointed that I was not able to magically conjure up a washing machine slot for them considering they arrive halfway through the afternoon.

Georgia has been fretting about electricity and has finally had a great idea about monitoring consumption during the summer. Possibly something I may have suggested a while ago…

The Greek lady who arrived yesterday evening has decided to stay in Z6 for two further nights as I’ve given her a good deal. She was given a guided tour of the camping by Georgia who was happy to oblige.

So now it’s just a matter of feeding myself and the end to another busy day. Manolis should soon arrive to relieve me although I’ve said I’ll see out all of the customers I welcome just to keep the money straight and to not make unnecessary complications.

The hottest-equal day of the year since the end of April. No wind and plenty of sun.


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