I had to let Sascha out at 03:00 so was awake a little while after but managed to sleep again before the alarm at 04:40.

It was another warmer morning but I was wearing a hoodie so I could keep my head warm as I’m a little short of hair at present having recently pruned it. The planets were visible between the clouds but Venus seems to be lagging behind a little.

The walk was mostly uneventful. Sascha now has a flashing collar which I even remembered to recharge so it was brighter this morning. Dazzlingly so. We were back around six-thirty so there was time to get most things done before going out again with Isabella and Sascha.

I rode over Panorama with my charged-up batteries and around Paleochora just for the sake of it. Tomorrow, Anke’s caravan will be occupying its new pitch.

I walked the camping collecting money from those I knew were leaving plus a couple of extras including the mother/daughter ensemble. Their neighbours came to pay this evening and gave me a rundown of their antics. I knew they were loud as I could hear them from my place!

Laura and others came to remove Anke’s caravan which should now be on its new pitch. I said I’d pass by in a couple of days to pick up the money for the odd few days.

Electricians came to change the aircon units on the rooms at reception as they’re old and inefficient.

There were some new arrivals and some relocations to take advantage of the recently departed. The first arrival literally passed the departee en route so their place must have still been warm. Apparently, they were at the camping two years ago and occupied the same place.

There were also three washing machines which gave me plenty of walking workouts. The latest arrivals are a German couple who hiked from Elafonissi arriving around eight. I gave them a whistle-stop tour and said I’d take their money and ID in the morning. They won’t run away in the night.

Sascha’s day has been a little frustrating and I left it a little late to put on the DD’s so supper ran a little late given the arrival of the hikers. The dogs must have been somewhat frustrated.

A cloudy and slightly breezy start to a warm and sunny day.


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