I was later to bed so woke with the 04:40 alarm to a warm and still day. We managed to be out before five and going down towards the rocks. Luis seems to have adopted an Isabella Avoidance Policy so always arrives just as the remainder are about to leave. Hopefully, Isabella will leave him alone. Otherwise, the walk was uneventful.

I took Isabella and Sascha for a second walk which involved a great deal of ball-throwing also into the lagoon. Isabella was suitably tired, puffed and wet so has spent much of the day asleep.

I rode into Paleochora to the bakery for Bona and then to Petrakis mainly for apples to make banana bread. I was keen to get back to the camping as there were a few people leaving. The hikers left a lot later than intended and even contemplated staying over however elected to continue to Paleochora instead as there was a birthday to celebrate. They were replaced by an English couple who had come on the bus from Kissamos to Paleochora and had walked from there. They plan to stay more than one night and have a tent but no sleeping bags presumably to save bulk. They asked for some blankets which I will supply so long as they pay to wash them at the end.

Otherwise, there have been two other arrivals: a couple who are friends of Georgia and an Aussie/German couple with a young daughter. They have a Hymer with a pop-up roof and have planted themselves near to Georgia’s house which might have been a mistake. I have warned them the dogs might be noisy…

Georgia is in Chania as far as I know but progress has been made and the bar looks ready to go. Dimitris says it should open in a day or so.

Otherwise, it has been another warm and sunny day with a little wind in the late afternoon. The punters have been enjoying the beach and the sea and some are on their way to sample a meal at Grameno Restaurant.

I managed to find time to make some banana bread which is now cooling in the oven. The process was longer than usual as I was called away before I was able to put the banana bread in the oven so the timer had run out and the oven cooled down by the time I got back. This required reheating the oven which delayed things somewhat.

Warm and sunny with a bit of a breeze for a while later in the afternoon. The weather looks much the same for the next few days


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