D=3, A=2

I had a long chat with a customer so the poor doggies were on the brink of starvation by the time I came back to feed them. Fortunately, I’d put their food on before I went on my money-collecting round. It was near dark when his wife returned surprised to see me sitting chatting after so long. Consequently, by the time I’d prepared food for myself, time was getting on so I was late to bed. Almost eleven!

It was a little after five when we left the starting gate for the Early Walk. Streaky clouds were covering some of the planets as we walked the beach road to the Promontory. On the way down to Plakaki I noticed a white van which has been present for the past two days. Before that, there was a French motorhome.

We met Zoe the new barista who tells me she’s living next to the office in the former Dimitris room. She met the dogs and tells me she’s from Bulgaria. I scanned and sent her ID and work-related documents to Georgia.

I took Isabella and Sacha out for a second walk which quite exhausted Isabella as I kept her going. She had one ball in her mouth as we left and I picked up a damaged ball with the aerodynamics of a breeze block when I threw it. I had some more balls in my pocket. As predicted, she took ownership of both balls but then I introduced a third. Two balls in her mouth is possible but three, not even Isabella can managed that. It sent her into meltdown whereupon she dropped the balls she was carrying when I threw the new one. The upshot was that she was tired and wet by the end of it.

I went into the camping to chase up a customer and ended up longer than I’d expected so there was no time for a ride into Paleochora. However, I’ve done plenty of walking seeing out the departees and greeting the two arrivals.

One of the arrivals was a tall and long motorhome which I was having trouble finding a place for. We finally found a location in the centre of the camping having pruned some carob branches. The other is a car with roof tent which is going to park outside the restaurant kitchen and plans to stay only one or two nights.

Later, I intercepted a couple in search of cold water which they obtained from the vending machine. We got chatting and it transpired they are staying in one of the CBV villas. The one I visited way back in the winter. I mentioned the leaky window which may even have been fixed. He’d rented a car from Heraklion airport however forgotten his driving license. They took a taxi(!) from Heraklion to CBV and still have to pay for the rental car which they neither have access to or could drive. His license was sent by DHL express service but has yet to arrive. I mentioned that DHL passes stuff to ACS or one of the other local couriers. They say they don’t really miss having the car anyway.

The bar is progressing well and threatens to open on Saturday. I spent time updating the bar and restaurant business site posting a notice that the bar was soon to open. I sent time responding to some of the totally unsolicited reviews from recent customers.

It has been warm and sunny but clouded over later in the afternoon.

A very still and sunny day until it clouded over later. The top temperature was almost the same as the previous day. Tomorrow is forecast to be much the same.


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