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Some rain fell in the evening so I brought Isabella in under the awning. Despite access to Chateau Boris, she insisted on lying outside in the rain. She spent the night in my chair so Sascha migrated into the van with the others.

It was dry by morning with almost no sign of any precipitation so our walk was under a clear sky with a good selection of planets and stars.

From Left to right. Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn. 05:30 13/05/22

With such a clear morning I was able to walk both directions on the beach without assistance. It was light by 05:45 and we were back at the ranch by 06:30.

I took Isabella and Sascha out with the thrower so we spent quite a bit of time wearing out Isabella by the lagoon. Sascha was chasing after her and generally racing around. So much so that both of them spent much of the day asleep. I connected Sascha with Benjamin in the evening so he and his sister were suitably tired as was Sascha.

The first arrival was an older American walker who has a hammock and a ’tarp’ in case of wind or rain. He was 84 in January so says he’s slowing down a little and plans to walk the 40km trip to Elafonissi and back over two days as he feels it might be a little too much for one day. I promised to look after his backpack as he plans to travel light.

The couple who arrived yesterday who planned to stay only one night are still here. The second arrivals were a couple on a motorbike who I put in Z5. They may stay three nights.

There were no further arrivals. I amused myself with DDs and their eventual processing plus sorting out some of the clutter. I even threw things away!

A new sound system has been installed in the bar with sensible speakers and a decent amp. It has been tested out this evening as it is Michaelis’ birthday. There was a meat fest earlier followed by dancing in the bar. I’ve just been down with printed contracts for the staff.

I understand Maria will be joining us at the end of May and that Manolis, the new chap, should be starting in a few days. Apparently, I am to chaperone him and show him the ropes. I have the possibility of indoctrinating him before Maria arrives. She has her own way of doing things and expects HER assistant to assist as she’s in charge. I’m uninterested in their office protocol merely trying to get him to engage with the punters and make a reasonable hash of showing them the camping. All may soon be revealed.

The doggy dinners were a little late; it’s after nine and I’ve yet to eat. Martha sent me some aubergine as the others were stuffing meat for the birthday event.

It’s been presentably warm although there was a cool breeze later in the day.

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