Busy Saturday

Another late night by the time I’d fed the dogs and then myself. I fell asleep watching TV so went to bed. It was around eleven anyway…

The morning was still and reasonably warm with a clear sky so plenty of astral bodies. The walk was uneventful and was followed by Isabella and Sasha going out for another lagoon trip

I took my bike over Panorama so could see Anke’s caravan in its new location. I see they’ve poured a little concrete at the top of the slope down to the site. I don’t see it lasting long as it looks as though it was simply poured onto the dirt so is insufficiently thick and uncontained.

I went around Paleochora and then back to the camping as there were leavers. One of the leavers decided to stay an extra night making that easy. The couple with the roof tent were not in a hurry so we agreed they’d give me a shout when they wanted to leave. It was quite a bit later in the end.

I used the time to chill out having scanned documents, produced a laminated sign for the bar and brought down the card machine and some till rolls. The bar is now officially open but the kitchen will follow in the fullness of time.

There were a couple of cabins booked so we were expecting arrivals. I got to practice my Greek although the first customers spoke English for my benefit. In all, there were two tent arrivals and three cabin arrivals. All the arrivals were Greek to stay for only one night.

I found time to wander the camping and have a shower as well as fix the lock on the shower door which was threatening to fall off. There will be a number of departures in the morning although some have already paid and I’ve worked out the bills for the others.

I was told that my spreadsheet had exceeded the 5,000,000 cell limit, a problem I’ve not run across before. I’ve now deleted any extra cells in some of the more recent sheets as well as the template. I’ve not had to worry about so many customers and hence sheets in the past.

Another warm and sunny day with a little wind later on which was on the cool side even though it was from the south.

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