Hottest Day Of The Year

There was a late arrival in the form of a couple in a car with a roof tent. I put them outside the restaurant kitchen hatch and left them to sort themselves out having given them my phone number. I didn’t anticipate they’d be doing much at 21:45. I carried on watching my program and then went to bed.

The morning came around quite quickly so we were off out of the gate just after five. It’s almost full moon so the moon wasn’t far from setting but gave some additional light which was quite handy. There were no cars in the beach car park nor vans parked along the beach road.

The walk was otherwise uneventful so we were back in the camping at 06:30. I made tea, fed cats and wandered down to the bar. I felt it might be worthwhile attempting to persuade Georgia to put some toilets between Z6 and the bar. Dimitris has been asking for this for years without success. Seeing as there’s a new tank and a big hole, now might be a good time for some loos. We need to make a coordinated effort but she probably won’t change.

I put the blanket borrowed by the backpacking couple into the machine with some of my clothes as we appear to be a little short of blankets and I’d purloined that particular one from T2.

I amused my brain then took Isabella and Sasha out onto the Big Beach to throw the ball into the sea for Isabella. One ball went too far so was lost but that was my fault as I threw it too hard. She went in several times so took plenty of exercise and was definitely wet. She is getting very good at retrieving the ball and swims out quite far even when there are waves. Sometimes, Boris would chicken out if he felt it was too far or the sea too choppy.

I took out the blanket and my washing to hang it up before going out on my bike over Panorama with a quick visit to Petrakis for a grocery topup.

I knew there would be a number of departures so I spent a while wandering the camping collecting money. Nearly all of those who arrived yesterday and stayed in the cabins left early on however T3 stayed well into the afternoon as did one of the campers. She wanted to pay by card however I persuaded her otherwise. It was only 17.50€ anyway.

There was plenty of beach activity and people were swimming. The day was warm, sunny and almost without wind until later on. There was a booked arrival: two women and their children staying two nights in a rented tent. The other was an Italian motorhome who arrived early before the others left whom I advised to come back later to find a decent space. He and his wife are staying two nights and have a small dog.

The bar is now officially open for drinks and very light snacks. The kitchen should open at the end of next week. I’m not sure who is cooking this year although I saw Eva and her husband sitting chatting with Georgia outside of T4 as I walked up after the late arrival.

Sasha has been with us for three weeks and is integrating fairly well with the others. They still find her annoying but then they are well past the puppy phase so find her unsurprisingly annoying. She was into everything last night so I left her in the SDC and went to eat. I could hear her complaining but discovered her in my chair later on. She’d found her way out through a hole in the fence which Isabella had created but was far too small for her to pass through.

Benjamin and his sister, who used to take Isabella out to play in the camping have left today as well as the other couple with a young daughter. The remaining couple paid so will leave tomorrow too. I will need to find other means to wear Isabella out in the evenings. It’s now 15 May and my relief has yet to appear. Still, it’s quieter now for a few days as there’s almost nothing in the calendar so only walk-in trade.

The hottest day of the year so far. Plenty of sunshine and no wind until the evening.


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