Iera comes to call

If my brain had been functioning property I might have worked out why Oskar was so eager to go outside with Fido around 03:00. As we left, Iera was outside the gate which caused Sasha a certain level of excitement when she discovered. The others were wearing their collars and accept her anyway. I think we’re coming to the point where Sasha will inherit Fido’s old collar as she needs to learn to shut up barking when told.

We all went for a jolly walk on the Promontory where the planets were bright as were the stars and the full moon which later had a bit of an eclipse. I understand the morning array of four planets will be augmented by the presence of Mercury in June.

At the beginning of the eclipse (top left corner obscured)
Partially eclipsed moon over CBV
Just before the moon set and was washed out by the sunlight. The moon is in Earth’s shadow which is responsible for the eclipse.

After the excitement the eight of us returned to the camping to go out with the three females later. Iera wandered off as we circumnavigated the Promontory once more to return in the afternoon for a rest inside the van as I was preparing food for the Pot. The Doggy Dinners had already been processed by that time.

I went into Paleochora via Panorama but failed to stop at Petrakis which was a mistake as I discovered when I got back. A distinct lack of carrots for the DD’s but I’ve used up other things and cleared the fridge which is a bonus.

There were a couple of people leaving and demand for the washing machine from one couple who required a prewash at 60ºC! He then put liquid detergent in the dispenser drawer which, quite unexpectedly ran straight into the drum. I suggested he might abandon his prewash and go instead for an intensive wash which was the original choice.

I didn’t do a lot after breakfast except take out the first wash to put in a second. I may also have slept through part of a YouTube video I was trying to watch about portable anti-tank weapons which seem responsible for destroying many Russian tanks. I also discovered that a modern Russian tank comes in at over $3M making the anti-tank weapon’s $30,000 a bargain in contrast especially considering the sighting unit is transferred to the disposable firing tube. This sighting unit can also be used on its own both day and night which is an added bonus. The actual missile, once directed to the target, can be fired and forgotten enabling the crew to change position to avoid detection by the enemy. This system seems to be able to defeat most antimissile systems and makes a terrible mess inside the tank which then explodes. The crew is likely to know nothing about it fortunately. A very effective weapon depending on which end of it you are.

There was a delivery of biscuits for the bar which I helped Dimitris to load into the Ferrari as the delivery vehicle was too large to make it down to the bar. Later, I had a chat with Juergen who plans to bring his washing tomorrow afternoon.

Oskar has been a little too barky today but all is quiet for the moment. I hoping Iera’s master will call to collect her before supper time otherwise the DD’s will require stretching a little.

It’s been another warm day with plenty of sunshine and very little wind. It would seem that tomorrow and Wednesday are to be similar to day however Thursday is looking breezy.


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