Yukky Day

I woke up early in the morning for a visit to the facilities which alerted me to the fact I was feeling unwell. Once back in bed, I found it difficult to get up once the alarm sounded and it was not until around seven I took out the dogs.

Our walk was restricted to the Promontory and involved quite a bit of sitting around on my part. On our way back we met a man with a German Shepard looking for a good place to camp out. I had Iera with me which made nine dogs altogether. I extracted myself and went back to the camping.

I knew people would be leaving so was looking forward to having to deal with that. As it turned out, there were three leavers and one arrival, a French couple who arrived in the evening. I plonked them in a place saying I’d return in the morning to complete the formalities.

I’d agreed to do a wash for Wolfgang so had to open up the room for him. It seemed so much cooler and comfortable in there that I stayed for a chunk of the afternoon sitting in Frank’s chair in front of the air conditioner. I eventually took myself back to the dogs and put on their doggy rice.

Once that was ready, I fed them and then retired to my boudoir. I spent much of the day asleep as that’s what usually happens when I fall ill.

Lovely warm day. A pity I felt so rubbish.


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