Suddenly, there was wind. I know because branches were hitting the metal roof. I lingered a while, inspected WindFinder to check out the forecast and then prepared to meet the day.

Skinny didn’t initially seem too fussed about getting up however this was only a temporary phenomenon. It was a little later when we left and I hung around in a sheltered spot so the dogs could run around instead of coming straight back. There were no vehicles or humans to be seen as the sand swirled across the car park. Generally too windy to be out.

The dogs came back promptly and seemed eager to return to the relative calm of the van. Indeed, many have been in there for the majority of the day even though I’ve been sitting outside.

I remembered I’d put washing on the line so went to collect it. As expected, the majority had fallen in the dusty sand and leaves however a quick shake and who’d know? I put it on the washing machine for Bona to find.

There were two arrivals of which one was a Swiss couple in a motorhome and the second a French couple in a camper with pop-up roof. Not idea conditions but the Swiss couple parked themselves between the trees and I put the French in the shelter of the restaurant kitchen as that is not in use today. There was a further Swiss couple who came into the camping but then decided to leave as it was too windy, they said.

I had a chat with the German cycling couple and met the single walking woman who decided she’d call it a day and move to Paleochora. I tried to help her with some useful information and she finally decided to go for a spell onto the Promontory and find some shelter there. I think she eventually called a taxi and left.

Other than make up some Doggy Dinners, I’ve not done so much except clear up some of Sasha’s paper-tearing wreckage which had blown itself into a sheltered spot and take her for a brief walk around the camping where she met up with Bona.

The blowing business is likely to continue until tomorrow but should be calmer by the end of Saturday. Those planning to go on walks through Samaria may be able to do so on Saturday when the ferry might sail again. There are currently ten punters in the camping and three bookings for the weekend.

I ate my first meal since Monday as I felt it a good idea to give my digestion a rest after Tuesday.

A very windy day from start to finish.


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