In And Out

I was up and down in the night as Skinny needed to go out not once, but twice. Fido joined him on the second occasion more in solidarity than anything else. Fido likes to take his time which I find unamusing in the early hours.

I chose a lie-in as it was cool and still quite windy so it was around 05:30 when we left. The sun’s light was already beginning to creep over the eastern horizon. Sunrise is behind the mountains now so is only visible once the sun pops up from behind them. Our walk was uneventful. The facility for persons with mobility complications had been blown across the beach car park as were some of the fronded tops to the beach umbrellas.

Later, I took a very energetic Isabella, and Sasha for another walk where Isabella chased vigorously after her ball swimming quite a distance out to sea due to the following wind. I then went for a ride to Petrakis for some much-needed groceries. I’ve not felt like cycling or it’s been too windy the past few days.

The punters who arrived yesterday left as did the Dutch couple who’d been at the camping for ten nights. There have been some arrivals: a Frenchman with a tent for one night, an Austrian couple in a motorhome and an Englishman with a tent also for one night. Both tent dwellers are walkers. I’m hoping the Austrians will stay for a few nights.

Otherwise it’s been an undemanding day with little activity on my part other than dealing with a few punters. I’m hoping there will be no more arrivals and I’ve closed the barrier so that I notice any who come. Georgia is more security conscious following the clandestine removal of around 120 litres of used oil from behind the kitchen. I suggested, during a meeting yesterday evening, she consider automating the entry barrier to deter unauthorised access. I think she’ll get over it in a few days so nothing more will be said. The value of the oil is low just that it was destined for another. There could also be a perfectly reasonable explanation for its departure.

I understand Ursula’s family refugees arrive today at London Luton. Erica and Janne arrive tomorrow from sunny Stockholm. I’m expecting the weather to be much better than during their last visit where it was warmer in Stockholm!

Slightly warmer during the day but I resorted to a duvet and blankets at night. Admittedly, the van door was open and it was blowing hard. The wind should moderate during the night with warmer weather threatened tomorrow. The sky is overcast and there have even been spots of rain!


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