Party Time!

The noisy neighbours’ party continued into the night and was then joined by the local, NameDay Celebrations at the bar. I found a message from the German cyclists complaining about the noise. I was asleep with the door open but heard nothing. In the morning, I replied that the occasional party was the norm.

The day started with the alarm trying to shake my wrist to pieces so fast asleep was I. I galvanised myself into activity deciding it was not heavy fleece weather so off we set.

I could see Babis’ car in the car park as well as a camper so steered the dogs to the entrance of the Promontory. It was a clear morning, stars and planets were visible and it was warm and still. Ideal conditions as it wasn’t too hot. We performed our daily walking duties and returned to the camping just after six-thirty.

Next walk was not too demanding although Isabella was very up for loads of exercise again. I think we have the ball business almost sorted.

I rode over panorama to collect some items from Petrakis following a quick tour of the town then back to the camping. I’d already received a call from the T5 punters to say they were leaving and then Bona called to ask if they’d really left. It was only 08:20 at this point. Fortunately, they’d paid on arrival. The kind of customers I like. All done and dusted in one go.

I dumped my shopping and wandered the camping with Sasha meeting some Americans currently living in Germany. They find decidedly unattractive, particularly the weather. They understood why I moved to Crete. They are animal-lovers so we talked at length about dogs as Sasha initially wandered around until I called her to me whereupon she lay down and slept. The perfect advertisement.

I felt that Erica and Janne would be up as it was nearing eleven so wandered back to find their door open. Sasha introduced herself to Erica as Janne had gone out shopping. Erica said they’d arrived late and were called to join the Lena NameDay celebrations at the bar. I’d learned that these ended around three-thirty where Dimitris was then asked to open the bar at nine! We chatted a while and I went to feed the dogs and eventually myself.

There was one more departures who paid, yet more who paid and will leave early tomorrow. We’ll lose the two couples who’ve survived the windy conditions on the beach front. There were two arrivals, both with cars and tents: one Dutch and one German. The Dutch woman was delighted we have a large washing machine and is next in the queue.

The wind got up as they day passed. I didn’t get much done as I was either eating, sleeping or wandering around attending to customers. It was certainly not cold despite the wind.

Janne has had two washes and the Dutch want two too! Joy unfettered!

A warm and still start to a sunny day with increasing wind. We might get to 30ºC sometime this week maybe.


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