Stripy Wind

There were two late arrivals in the evening as well as a succession of washing machines. The final washing machine was on the timer overnight. I came back at the end and went to bed.

The wind was from the south/west as we walked up the Promontory and over the rocks. Oskar’s batteries ran out early on so I lost sight of him. Sasha was barking because Babis and his dog were nearby so I decided she definitely needed to have her collar on. I was expecting to encounter the guy from yesterday in the bar as he told me he’s normally out of bed at five so was likely out on the beach soon after. I didn’t see him. It was getting quite light as we walked back from Plakaki. There was stripy wind: some warm and some cold.

I took the two girls out for a quick spin round. Isabella carried her ball the entire time as I did with the thrower. She seemed less energetic today. Sasha simply toddled along nearby feeling all grown up with her own remote collar.

I rode over Panorama and around Paleochora just to see if it was there. I then wandered the camping collecting money. The French couple I’d collected earlier after the first walk as well as said goodbye to the cycle-tourists. It’s a little barren there now.

I retired back for tea and to feed the animals then made some food for later. There was further wandering around as a couple arrived in a self-made pickup conversion. The man has a British sense of humour and commented that he’d left his parachute behind on this visit to Crete. We ended up having a very unPC conversation about wars where I pointed out that the British hated the Germans far less than the French. Even adding the first and second wars together it made around eleven years whereas we were at war with the French for nearly one hundred years!

I chatted with the late-arriving Greek woman who turned out to be very nice and had worked in the hospitality trade. She confirmed that Greeks are the untidiest and most awkward customers when holidaying at home. Apparently, they try harder whilst abroad.

On one of my many trips to the washing machine, I offered to wash the German’s parachute however he said he didn’t have it with him.

I printed some stuff and scanned other stuff for Manolis the new bar chap. I don’t expect to see the new reception guy until after Maria eventually arrives. The remainder of this month is looking pretty quiet anyhow with only one more weekend to go.

Frank has gone off to cycle around Rhodes but ended up taking his van as well as his bike. He left his caravan key, and some chicken for the dogs.

Janne strimmed his weeds without destroying anything as far as I know. They had another washing machine and have been busy tidying in anticipation of visiting family on Wednesday. They are staying in a hotel I understand.

The day has been generally warm and sunny but also quite windy. Only one arrival!

Warm and sunny but also windy with stripes.


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