A Day Off

There was little activity in the evening so I was able to watch TV and go to bed when the mood took me. I’d eaten earlier so there was nothing to clear up even.

The moon is passing into its final phase but still bright and shiny albeit less of it. The stars and planets were easily visible although Saturn is well ahead of the crowd at present. Jupiter and Venus are the easiest to see.

Babis and his dog are still camping out so we gave them a wide berth as we passed each time up and down the Promontory to Plakaki and back. It was light as we arrived there today. We were back at half-six.

There were no early departures so I chilled out and then walked the girlies. Isabella raced around again today and swam out quite far considering the lumpiness of the water.

I rode over Panorama and around Paleochora before a quick tour of the camping. The French sent a text to say they’d stay another night so the only departure was the Greek woman in the small tent who left on the ferry to Gavdos. She paid on arrival so there was nothing to do.

I fed all the animals and settled down to catch up with some of the admin and prepare for the eventual end of my tenure. I played with my spreadsheets to produce a summary for the season. The past seasons have not been documented in the same way so I’d need to spend some time putting the information into a similar format for comparison purposes. There is quite a lot of useful data to be reviewed.

There were no arrivals so I’ve enjoyed a peaceful day with limited activity so far. It has been warm and sunny with the slightest breeze so the doggies have spent much of the time snoring. Janne and Erica went off to buy some plants from the garden centre. Very restful really, which makes a pleasant change from Sunday.

Sasha has been with us for one month so it was interesting to see her and Luis playing together. Even Skinny is becoming more responsive to her however Isabella and Sasha are like sisters.

The second warmest day of the month with little wind and plenty of sunshine. The next three days threaten to be warmer still.


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