There were some pussy disturbances during the night which triggered the automated Luis response system which resulted in me telling him to shut up. The last pussy event occurred at around 04:25 at which point I saw little point in staying in bed so up I got.

The sky was clear and the moon/planets/stars where all shining busily. I took some photos of the sky but they didn’t look very good. The moon, Jupiter and Mars are quite close to each other which was the purpose of the phots. I think Jupiter will overtake Mars soon.

Left to right – Venus, Jupiter, Mars and guess which is the moon…

I took the females and then cycled over Panorama and around Paleochora. The ferry left on time and I was back before nine. There was only one departure: the French family who stayed three nights and arrived on Sunday night. They are off to Elafonissi.

I wondered if today might be as restful as yesterday however there were four arrivals: two motorhomes, one French which has replaced the departees and the other German/Swiss with a recently-adopted small, black dog. The other two arrivals included a hiker who is staying one night in Ξ6 and a German/Belgian walker with a tent who might stay a few days.

It was a warm day where the temperature under the awning exceeded 30ºC hence the requirement to remove my shirt. I managed to make and process the Doggy Dinners in between wandering around the camping. The others were busy making a mess with strimmers and trimming the carob trees.

I created spreadsheet entries for the booked arrivals of which there are presently five over the weekend, the last of this month.

Janne has been busy constructing a wooden frame so that he can hide the worst of the rear of T1 and its air conditioner. I wandered round earlier and suggested an alternative design. Seeds of doubt…

Warm and sunny with little wind.


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