Hottest Day

Warmer than the day before I was wearing only a polo shirt for our walk which went according to plan with little excitement other than an encounter with Kostas out collecting salt. He lives in the mountains over by Voutas and commented that the winter had been very hard for him. He’s working packing tomatoes at Plakaki which explains why I keep seeing his car parked there.

I took Sasha and Isabella for a run out and then rode to Petrakis via Panorama. I was back in the camping just after nine where I found a French couple waiting to check-in. They are friends of the other French couple which I understand will be leaving tomorrow morning having done their washing, emptied their loo and taken on water.

I took Sasha out with me for a wander of the camping later to introduce her to the latest arrivals who were sitting chatting with their friends. Later in the day I spotted a VW camper van by the gate which turned out to belong to a couple who were last at the camping before CoVID. They have taken up residence in one of the bays by the entrance as all of the beachside spots are taken.

There was a support call from LBS from Caroline to say she’d deleted all of her files by mistake. I restored them and did a couple of other little bits. We decided it might be time to pension off their elderly backup device.

The afternoon trundled by and was quite warm. I don’t know where the time went. I had to collect money in the evening so ended up chatting to the French punters for quite a while. They might stay on another night as they’re considering doing Samaria tomorrow. Apparently, they came to Greece on their Honeymoon and this is a revisit.

I went to the bar where Dimitris gave me an interesting fruit cocktail containing mastica. I came away with a package of food for tomorrow. I made up a load of bean stew today so something can go in the freezer. My next stop was to shut Isabella up who was making a dreadful noise. Luckily, I think Janne and Erica were out with family. I had a shower in celebration of clean sheets! It’s been quite a calm but busy day if that’s possible.

The hottest day of the year!


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