Simon Templar thwarted a dastardly plot to steal a vertical-takeoff RAF fighter jet. The implied thieves were beyond the Iron Curtain. It was great to see the wet London streets with those horrid cars we used to produce at British Leyland. I was tired and it had been a long day so it was a fairly early night after a pleasant shower.

I was out of bed just after the 04:40 alarm so we walked across the field around five. Unexpectedly, there were no FreeLoaders on or around the Promontory just a gentle, warm northerly wind.

The planets were on their own as I saw no visible moon today. Saturn is well ahead of the pack whilst Jupiter and Mars were cosying up this morning. Not long now and it will be the solstice so from there it will be all downhill to the equinox. Those cloudless summer skies will also make a difference.

After the main walk, I drank some tea before taking Sasha and Isabella out for a stroll. I did the strolling whilst Isabella did the gallivanting. We were out longer than usual as I needed to be back to collect money from some early leavers walking to Elafonissi. It transpired they left a mobile plugged into the charger which Bona found. I jumped on my bike to pursue them down the road but they’d realised so doubled back. Others were beginning to surface so I sat around and chatted to others. With a little more walking around I was able to collect money from nearly everyone as well as from a family who took T3. There were two motorhomes soon after so I was kept busy for a while.

I came back for more tea and a sit down then did little other than put on a wash for a young couple in a van. They’re travelling before going to university.

I went to the restaurant for lunch with the Pontikaki Family. Martha had made Kalitsounia with fennel which were lovely. Some customers wished to pay so I slipped away to collect the outstanding money and kept wandering until I had it all. I wish everyone would pay on arrival like those in T2/3. The remaining accommodation other than T1 leave tomorrow so the camping will become quiet for a few days.

There was one final arrival: a couple with a tent who pitched up after nine. Dimitris called from the bar. I gave them a whistle-stop tour, my phone number and said I’d sort them out in the morning. They may stay a few days. I didn’t have any small accommodation to offer them so it was good they have a tent.

Next stop is the shower followed by bed…

There was a warm but light northerly wind this morning but the day was sunny and warm so good beach weather. The breeze was cooler again in the evening.


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