A Quieter Day

I was asleep in front of the box when Dimitris woke me to say a customer was at reception. A couple with a tent wishing to stay one or more nights. It was getting dark so I took them down to the beach and found them a spot before leaving them to put up their tent. I then went for a shower and then to bed.

There was cloud and no moon this morning as we wandered up the beach road. Other than a little southerly wind, it was warm albeit cloudy.

We managed to complete our walk and be back inside by 06:25 so I made tea and dropped some laundry off to the customers in T1. It had been on with the timer during the night. I took Isabella and Sasha for a good walk on the Promontory then myself over Panorama and around Paleochora.

There were several departees so I collected money and was warned of others who are leaving tomorrow. I had to attend to a big toe belonging to one of the American boys. He’d scraped it on the rocks. I cleaned it up and did my best to dress it. I think the attention was more important than the dressing.

Three Italian vans arrived wishing to be together in a shady place. There were only two van bays and the seafront was full up. They were too tall to get into the covered areas. We finally found a reasonable solution and they were having lunch together when I saw them last.

Georgia asked me to come to eat at the restaurant where I ate Fakes and mountain greens. Both very enjoyable. The others were guzzling fish and various sea creatures. I’d put some washing in the machine so had to leave to take it out. I bunged in a load of sheets for Bona which need taking out about now.

A Swiss couple arrived whilst I was eating and set themselves up which was very easy for me. They even plugged into the electricity meter on their own. They plan to stay a few days.

The postman brought a dog bed for the woman who left last week so I’m trying to get Amazon to take back the item. Their AI system of customer service doesn’t handle complicated returns well.

It was certainly less busy than Sunday but not terribly restful all the same.

A warm southwesterly wind in the morning. Sunny and warm with a stronger breeze later in the day.


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