Another Crazy Day

I felt very tired in the evening so fell asleep watching the box. It was only nine when I woke up but I decided to get ready for bed anyway. I was expecting to wake up very early however it was just before the alarm.

I didn’t need the light fleece I put over my polo shirt despite the slight breeze. Jupiter has now overtaken Venus and Mars and Saturn is well ahead of them all. I didn’t have much time to study the stars and was keen to get on with things as it would be a busy day.

We were back by 06:20 so I made tea, fed cats, printed an address label and hung up some sheets before making time for some brain training. Isabella wore herself out swimming out after her ball and Sasha annoyed her generally.

I rode into the post office to despatch the Amazon package which arrived yesterday for the customer who left on Saturday. I then bought a packet of cigarettes for Bona. She couldn’t remember the brand but knew they were in a blue packet and cost 1.05€ for 10(!). So I went to the shop and asked but the woman knew what I needed and they were only 1€.

I collected a load of money from the three departees and chatted to other punters as one does. I fed the dogs and came out again as there was an arrival from UK. It transpired they’d been in contact with Maria who knew all about everything but I didn’t so we got off to a poor start. Nevertheless, I fell over myself to be helpful so we ended up in the bar with me drinking pink grapefruit mocktail. I like the mocktail range as they’re not sugary of fizzy. All is now well and they’re happy punters.

Μαρια, a woman who was here in November with her tent arrived out of the blue and has taken Z1 for the night but will transfer to her tent tomorrow. I think she was pleased to see me again.

I ate at the Top Table once again. This time with Maria, who worked in the kitchen a few years back, and Lena who appeared from her lounger on the beach. Today we ate runner beans and potatoes which doesn’t sound very exciting unless it’s cooked in Crete. There was also a very nice salad of which I seem to have eaten the majority.

The couple with the small tent by the beach left this morning and provided a generous and kind recommendation. The German couple in the big 4×4 left to tour the island and the other German couple in a similar vehicle leave tomorrow too. I have a feeling the Italians may also be moving on in the morning.

From tomorrow, prices revert to full season levels and include an increase from 7->8€. These prices will stay in operation until 1 October.

A warm and sunny day with little wind

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