Summer Prices

My last check-in was at 21:30. A French couple in a motorhome who’d got lost so arrived later than expected. I had nowhere convenient to put them so parked them on one of the roads for the night. They were suitably grateful and the last of the 20€/night customers.

Things were moving along at Azzuro as I could see the bulldozer had been busy. The beach had been realigned ready to receive umbrellas and loungers. Our visit was brief and it was quite light.

We were back at 06:20 so I was able to have some time for brain activity before taking Isabella and Sasha. Isabella was swimming after her ball as usual. Sasha was her audience and mentor.

My bike took me over Panorama and around Paleochora then I went collecting money around the camping. The older couple with the VW camper had decided to go to Omolos to check out the mountains. They paid and left later. The first arrival was a Greek couple in a motorhome. I didn’t have anywhere suitable to put the especially as the French had not yet left.

I was unaware that the space recently left by the VW camper had been reserved for someone so there was a bit of an argument over rights. We concluded that a one month reservation trumped a one night walk-in so the Greeks left in a huff. I can’t say I was bothered.

The snake charmed by Tony and relocated from under the trees by the beach

I located Gabi and Manfred in their rightful position then went to see a Romanian couple who decided 50€ night was too much for T1. I wasn’t sure of the price which had been 40€ the day before but is in fact 60€ which seems a lot for two people with a bathroom. I let it later for 50€ to a French couple who may stay two nights.

In between that there were other excitements although I managed to spend time with Janne and Erica before the arrival of a Swiss couple with their own motorhome, some food at the bar and then a French couple with a rental motorhome. Hopefully, there will be no more arrivals as it’s already eight and I have yet to feed the dogs.

Georgia assures me Maria will arrive on Friday at some point so at least I’ll no longer be alone. I’ll probably pass on the longterm customers but maybe keep the others until they leave.

I had to smooth over the waters with the English couple who arrived yesterday as they’d been told they couldn’t stay by the beach for very long. I’d already suggested they move before the holiday weekend as it would be too noisy for them. I said I expected the Italians to leave on Thursday so would reserve a space for them in one of the bays by the entrance. Georgia wants no more motorhomes on the beach front by 10 June and nearly all of the bays by the entrance will be full of long stay customers leaving few spaces elsewhere. But that will soon no longer be my problem…

Considering how long I was wandering the camping, the dogs were well behaved and spent most of the time asleep. I eventually got into the shower and then came back to fall asleep before putting on some doggy rice. Lucky I’d already eaten as I’ve lost the will for much activity.

Monthly summary for May 2022. Only 1.3mm rainfall.
The day seemed very warm considering the actual temperature. The sea was doing a good trade and I would have been glad to be in it. Roll on Friday and Maria’s arrival!


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