Last Day?

As predicted, I wasn’t late to bed even though I’d fallen asleep earlier. The night was hot so not even a sheet was required. The mosquitoes were whining around my tent but I was secure inside. Some had nibbled at me during the evening as my big screen is a real mosquito magnet.

It was a warm and windless walk which found us at the rocky end of the Promontory at six so I spent a little time on some stretching activities although I tend to fit these in during gaps in the walk. Nevertheless, we were back at 06:30. I went out again around eight with the crazy girls but received a call from Zoe at the bar to tell me someone was waiting to speak to me.

A German woman who lives in Athens wished to pitch her tent for a month so we looked at some possibilities and she put up her tent. It was now too late to go into Paleochora so I went collecting money instead. There was little to collect so I went back and fed the dogs.

Later, I wandered out to see the German couple down by the beach who told me they planned to extend their stay until Monday. We had a chat and I went off to do things with washing machines.

There were more arrivals who I packed into the top of the camping. One was just too tall so he decided to go elsewhere as I had nothing suitable to offer him. I ate at the Top Table with Georgia and Lena but was soon joined by customers looking to stay. Georgia insisted I ate my food before dealing with the customers and then had a little moan about Frank taking up a space when he’s not here. I said he was paying for it so I didn’t see the problem. Anyway, I could not be bothered to disagree and went off to deal with the punter. The French couple in T1 have decided to stay another night.

The doggy rice is cooked so I’d better feed them.

Hopefully, Maria will arrive tomorrow as expected.


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