Last, Last Day…Maybe

The morning was calm unlike the remainder of the day. The Early Walk was fine but it began to get windier once I took the girls out later. I wanted to go to Paleochora as one of the customers needed to see a [female] doctor. I knew where one was located so went to get the number for later. By this time, the wind had got up making cycling quite interesting. Fortunately, I had full batteries.

I chatted and collected money from customers but knew there were some arrivals one of which I understood to be earlier than the normal noon check-in time. We had two couples in small cabins and a family in T4 which had been recently vacated by Georgia and Lena. Bona was hard at work defrosting the fridge when I arrived with a TV. She was working quickly incase the family showed up early.

The first arrival was the couple in Z5 who were regular visitors so an easy job. The family finally arrived in the evening.

I had luncheon at the Top Table with Lena and Georgia. As usual, we had a good nosh which further impacted my ability to focus my mind on important things. In fact, I came back to fall asleep for a while.

Later, I welcomed the Italians in T4. Two women with three boys who are staying two nights. One of the mothers offered to let me take the boys into the restaurant for supper. My suggestion to swap the boys for the dogs wasn’t received with delight. The couple for Z1 turned up a little later and they too were frequent visitors requiring only their cabin keys and no introduction. There was then just the matter of setting up the replacement sous vide device in the kitchen and I was done.

I’d heard that Maria was heading this way so likely to arrive on Saturday morning. I felt that seeing was believing so would keep an open mind until such time as I could see the whites of her eyes.

The day was warm but turned very windy in the evening.


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