Maria Arrives!

As the forecast predicted wind later in the morning, I advanced my ride to 07:00 to make use of the calm to go to the top of the mountain then round Paleochora and back. With this mission accomplished, I took some time for my brain after walking Sasha and Isabella.

I wandered the camping to collect money and say goodbye to Sonja and Thomas, the German couple in need of the doctor. Sonja was concerned about a lump which later turned out to be quite harmless after an appointment with a specialist. They are continuing their visit to the remainder of the island after their uncommonly lengthy stay at Grammeno.

The family staying in M4 arrived so I showed them to their accommodation. Maria appeared soon after but was immediately bombarded with phone calls and information requests. Nevertheless, she still made time to join the feast to celebrate Martha’s name day.

Maria tells me she’ll be popping off for a couple of days to collect her car from Santorini and to tie up some loose ends. She was unaware that Georgia had found someone to work with her. I’m unsure as to when this individual is likely to start work.

I have been offered a large woollen rug by Philip and Nina, the UK couple (with Irish passports) who arrived at the beginning of the month. They’ve now moved to the motorhome bay next to Wolfgang. Philip is talking about the possibility of putting the camping on his motorhome group’s location list for those wishing to escape the UK winter climate.

The doggies have been generally well behaved considering the length of time I’ve been out in the camping for much of the day. I need to leap into action to boil up some rice for their supper.

Warm and sunny once the early wind died down


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