To celebrate my new-found freedom I got up at the same time, walked the dogs and then rode up Panorama to the mountain top before circumnavigating Paleochora and back.

I walked the Girlies but was not wearing boots so all three of us went into the water where Sasha went full-on swimming for the first time. She decided it might be fun to swim between my legs too. On the way back, we stopped at Alonaki Beach where I also went swimming although not for as long as I might have liked. The two of them came into the water and swam with me for a while before turning back. I threw Isabella’s ball but she’s not used to me being in the water when I throw it.

I went for a wander around the camping collecting money from the Swiss couple in the Dodge van. They are moving on to explore other parts of the island and appear to have enjoyed their stay at Grammeno. I saw them off when they left late afternoon.

I had luncheon with Georgia and Lena stuffing my face with pasta and salsa, beetroot and salad with loads of garlic just for a change. It was great to be able to ignore the alerts from my phone whenever anyone entered or left the camping. Indeed, I was able to drag Maria up from the bar yesterday evening to tend to customers who’d arrived in her absence.

Otherwise, I spent time fiddling with my spreadsheet which is not really optimised to deal efficiently with the number of visitors during May and April. To manage them effectively, I’m going to divide the months into separate sheets but I have a feeling that a spreadsheet is not ideal once the numbers increase. I should have more time to think about a database.

The night was warm but there was some wind in the late morning which disappeared after a while to leave a hot day with an abundance of sunshine.


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