D-Day +78

Despite being let out at bedtime, Fido had me up around three for a wee. He was wandering around so I went back to bed only to get up later to let him in. The door wasn’t even closed properly.

Our Early Walk was a little later out of the starting gate as Luis seemed reluctant to join us. He eventually put in an appearance so we completed the normal route and were back just after six-thirty.

I took the girlies before riding my bike over Panorama with a stop at Petrakis which was busy. I needed bananas as Sasha ate some of the previous batch. I got some other bits too. Eating at the restaurant every day reduces the shopping and food preparation requirement.

I wandered the camping with Sasha but the two remaining of my customers were not leaving today. At least one will leave tomorrow so I expect the other will follow. Sasha and I went for a swim off Alonaki Beach. She got out of the water and I kept going leaving her to guard my possessions on the beach. I talked to her from time to time as I was swimming. She seems to be getting the hang of this swimming lark.

I spent much of the day checking through my camping accounts. There was some duplication of names which exaggerated the numbers. I think everything is correct and I have enough money to match the receipts. It’s not exact as I bought and sold gas to the punters so some of that money is in the mix as I gave up trying to keep it separate.There were eighty-eight customers in May so a good month.

A motorhome arrived whilst Maria was with Georgia so I did the tour and parked them up leaving Maria to finish the admin. I went back later to supply electricity meters to the Dutch couple I saw in and another motorhome in one of the bays. I’d spoken to him the previous evening as he called me for information. Another camper arrived whilst Maria was on a teaching call so I took them down and parked them up outside of Georgia’s. It would seem we’re giving meters to everyone now…

I had a chat with Wolfgang earlier who tells me he’s leaving on Friday. Actually, I suggested he leave Friday as the circus will begin then for this holiday weekend. His departure will liberate a precious motorhome parking place seeing as Georgia seems determined not to have them parking near to the beach. I think I might prevent the larger motorhomes from parking there allowing campers to park in certain locations only.

On this date seventy-eight years ago, many young men lost their lives either defending or attacking the Normandy Beaches. There can be very few of these men alive.

After a warm and still start, the day was hot and sunny even though the high was not as great as yesterday.


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