At least Fido waited until four this morning before asking to go out. He still needed me to open the gate for him but I was awake anyway as it was hot during the night. The weather is particularly warm at present.

I was wearing a T-shirt and shorts and took off the T-Shirt as we walked over Alonaki to Plakaki. I could see that Azzuro has been busy as, not only has the beach been realigned but there are now umbrellas and sun beds.

Kostas was out collecting salt on the rocks and was too busy to spend time with the dogs, not even Skinny who he usually makes a fuss of.

I took the females and then went over Panorama to drop a letter to Anke which Sandra and Sonja had sent care of me at Grammeno. Maria must be very confused especially as I picked up the letter from her desk without saying anything.

I went out into the camping with Banana Dog to collect money from my penultimate customer of the 21/22 season. The Swiss couple leave tomorrow morning so no more banana for Sascha. From then on, I’ll just be on back office duty. They wanted help to extract their van so I hung around chatting to Phil and Nina, the British couple until the others were ready to leave. I could hear the dogs barking in the distance and found out later that Sascha and Steffi had visited with Zora which explains a lot.

I didn’t really do much during the day as it was warm and lazy. I went to visit Janne and Erica’s roof terrace for Fika and gossip in the afternoon.

The new office lady started today so I understand. I have yet to meet her.

Georgia rang me to tell me to present myself to the kitchen with a bowl for some food later. I’ll feed the dogs before that.

Checking the booking calendar for the weekend, I can see the camping will be full as all accommodation other than one small cabin is booked as well as rental tents and reservations for punters’ tents. It’s going to be a nightmare but Erica has an escape plan to avoid the crowds and I suspect Janne won’t argue.

A warm night with a warm and windless start to the day although I had help going to Paleochora. The afternoon was particularly warm and sunny.


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