21/22 Finished!

Fido went for a wander around three so I was up for a few moments to let him out and back in again. I’m not sure what the fascination is at that time of the morning but I don’t need the floor sprinkling and he’s persistent anyway so letting him out is the easiest option.

We met Kostas collecting salt and another during our walk. The other is a recent phenomenon as we’ve bumped into him before at around 06:30. Probably a visitor who enjoys an early constitutional. Isabella and Sasha found another on the rocks later. He had a drone.

I went over Panorama and around Paleochora on my bike with a stop at the bakery to buy some rye bread. For the past couple of days I’ve had takeaways from the kitchen and their bread is white and uninteresting. Moreover, I have loads of small change left over from the winter season so I’m happy to get rid of it. The bakery is equally happy to take a handful of 5/10/20 cent coins. I passed Dina as I rode back and she called later to present me with two huge bags of tomatoes. She told me they’re cleaning out the greenhouses which signals we’ll soon be plagued with flies.

I saw off my final customer for the 20/21 season when the couple left during the morning. They are going to spend time with some friends elsewhere on the island as they don’t relish the camping over a Holiday Weekend. They stayed seven nights rather than the one or two nights they’d planned at the outset. Something to do with the Banana Dog who visited twice each day perhaps. Their bill was 186€ so I relented and allowed them to pay by card seeing as the machine is sitting on the desk at reception. My mantra was that the machine was only present when Maria was here. And here she is!

I spent the morning counting up the money, printing summaries for Georgia and having Maria check the money and count 115€ of small change. She’s quite quick at doing it and all the money was correct so I was able to discharge my duties and pass them on to her. Maria can sort out the likes of Frank and Wolfgang when the latter leaves tomorrow or the next day.

I spent some time relaxing and some time in the sea for a quick swim out to the buoys and back. Most of the dogs are used to me sloping off over the field without them however Sasha was wagging wildly bashing her tail against the metal tube which supports the sail shade. I enjoyed my first outdoor shower of the season too.

I tidied up some of the wreckage under the awning area compressing winter garments with a vacuum bag. I need to pick up some more when I’m in Petrakis next. Anything left under the awning or in the van for that matter, is covered in dust whenever it’s windy.

A phone call from Georgia invited me to join her, Lena and Tony at the restaurant. Georgia mentioned she’d received the money from Maria and was pleased with the unexpected windfall. She mentioned later that I should visit the kitchen every day and pick up a meal if there was something I fancy. Very handy for me as it saves me shopping, preparing and cooking a meal and provides much more variety than usual. I noticed three vegan options on today’s menu. The fact that I can go there at any moment is also handy as it’s a little time-consuming eating at the restaurant.

I’ve been to the office a couple of times and have met the new lady whose name I forgot almost as soon as I heard it. I’ve fixed up her computer so she’ll have some exciting tasks over the next couple of months.

Georgia and I agreed it would be a good idea to put meters into the larger, air conditioned bungalows just to keep track of electricity usage seeing as it’s now more expensive. There seems to be a bit of a movement towards greening-up the Greek hospitality industry so I’ve suggested the camping markets its greener credentials. Also I’d like to exchange the smelly Ferrari for a proper, electrically propelled flatbed cart but I won’t hold my breath.

I washed and decanted the small tomatoes eating those which had sustained any damage in transit. I’ve chopped up the larger tomatoes which I’m turning to puree.

The doggy rice is in the pot. I have to got to Petrakis in the morning but have no need to rush back for any reason as my final customer has left!


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