Lovely Rita

A cooler night requiring a sheet as it was too chilly without. The morning was cool to start with but once in motion it was fine.

Kostas was collecting salt and appears to have filled some of the rock pools with water. There’s a threat of rain over the weekend which might set him back a little. He seemed pleased to see Skinny today. I can hear him arriving from afar as he says he has a problem with his car so is using his motorbike.

After our walks, I went up to the top of the mountain and around Paleochora with a brief stop at Petrakis to buy some doggy dinners. My ride back was a little slower as my batteries need a recharge.

I did some wandering around in the morning and got involved in Woofgang’s departure and bill. I asked Maria for a price when he arrived in April but none was forthcoming so I took 300€ on account. Maria said she’d ask Georgia who promptly phoned me! Woofgang is considering renting T5 for six months over the winter. I asked Georgia about this a while ago but assumed she’d passed the information to Maria. Another phone call ensued… It seems as though I’ve been promoted to second in command according to Maria…

I eventually extricated myself from distractions to produce some doggy dinners as time was marching on. Little occurred in the afternoon as I might have drifted off following the morning exertions. I did find time to order some meters for the T’s and M’s. Then all I have to do it fit them!

I’ve just come back from distributing meters to motorhomes but we’re going to come up with a plan to label the meters to make it easier to mutually identify them. Most motorhomes are going to be confined to the bays soon anyway seeing as the weekend approaches. The new lady asked if I’d take her on a trip around the camping to show her the different types of accommodation.

A cooler night but a windless, warm and very sunny day.


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